Leversafe was born because of the market demand of a specific product
that prevents the premature damage of the left shoe,
caused by the repeated incision of the gear lever.

  • It is maked with vulcanized polypropylene, it permits a long life to this shoes protection. This compound prevents the damage caused by oils, combustibles...

  • The squared relief of it area, allow the connection of the gear lever, hindering it slips.

  • It is fitted with Velcro ®, and equipped with an elastic band, so it is valid to a high number of sizes.

  • The different seams stay in a split, providing them more protection against the rubbing.

  • A bright reflective adds passive security to the leversafe.

  • A stippling in relief, in the area in contact with our shoe sole, helps to support the protective where we want.
  relieve cuadriculado de su sup ajustable con Velcro ® vivo reflectante